Call For Sponsors

Workshop Objectives

The S3 Workshop provides a unique venue for graduate students around the world to plan, manage, and experience a vibrant workshop focused on research in all aspects of mobile wireless networks. It encompasses both theory and systems research, exposing participants to the full breadth of research in networking. As its name suggests, the workshop is organized by students, and the technical sessions are given by student presenters. It aims to foster early career development among students and expose them to the workings of academic life. It encourages students to actively participate in the networking research community and offers unique networking opportunities.

Why Sponsoring The S3 Workshop

Sponsoring S3 will give your organization increased visibility within the computer networking and mobile computing community, especially among talented Ph.D. students. Supporting this student-organized workshop will benefit the community of student researchers. This focused venue will be a great opportunity for companies to attract future researchers to them. We will acknowledge all supporters during the conference opening remarks and prominently display company names and logos on the S3 website. You can also direct your funds to name specific awards such as Travel Grants (which will encourage huge participations), Best Papers, Best Posters, Best Presentation, Best Questions, Best Demos, etc. With your sponsorship, S3 will give financial awards to the student attendees and TPC members, who otherwise may not be able to attend due to financial constraints.

Previous Workshops

S3 has been held in conjunction with ACM MobiCom, one of the most prestigious conferences in mobile networking, for the past nine years. Previous workshops have attracted over 60 participants, including several ACM MobiCom attendees. Traditionally, the workshop has been sponsored by ACM SIGMOBILE and industry partners. Links to the recent workshop home-pages can be found below:

ACM S3 2018 in New Delhi, India with ACM MobiCom 2018.
ACM S3 2017
 in Snowbird, Utah, USA with ACM MobiCom 2017.
ACM S3 2016 in New York, USA with ACM MobiCom 2016.
ACM S3 2015 in Paris, France with ACM MobiCom 2015.
ACM S3 2014 in Maui, Hawaii with ACM MobiCom 2014.
ACM S3 2013 in Miami, Florida with ACM MobiCom 2013.
ACM S3 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey with ACM MobiCom 2012.
ACM S3 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada with ACM MobiCom 2011.
ACM S3 2010 in Chicago, Illinois with ACM MobiCom/MobiHoc 2010.
ACM S3 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana with ACM MobiHoc 2009.